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Feb 2020

You don’t need a new year or a new day to make a new start. All you need is a new mindset. 

Take the time to recharge and envision a happening 2020, set breakthrough goals for all the spheres of your life – personal and professional.

  • Have you envisioned where you will be 10 years from now?

  • What would you have achieved in these 10 years?

  • How would you change the lives of those dependent on you?

  • How would you change yourself?


Have you taken the time to think and set ambitious goals for yourself? This is the opportunity...never be afraid to take some time out to think.


What You Can Expect:

  • Intense, energised and motivating sessions

  • Time to reflect, accept and plan ahead

  • Challenge Yourself 10X

  •  Learn Visualization and Mind Mapping

  • Create a Vision Board & a Mind Map of your 2020 Goals

  • Create an Accountability circle of like-minded professionals to keep you on track

  • Plan and get it done

Timing :  6 p.m. - 7 p.m. Daily starting 17th February till 22nd February (Online Class)


Bonus session : Learn Mind Mapping and it's various applications for Studying

Your Best Year Ever - Goal Setting Workshop 2020

Online Webinar


Feb 2020

Interview Success Coaching Workshop

Online Webinar

In a rapidly changing world, especially so on the job front…where newer jobs are being created in sectors where none existed before, where the definition of a ‘career’ itself is rapidly changing, job-seekers often miss out, many times on points that could have been easily addressed with proper preparation.


One can no longer afford (literally) to ignore the importance of understanding one’s own strengths, knowledge and skills they have on offer, vis-à-vis what the market demands. On one end where we say jobs are scarce, if you ask the employers, they will tell you that there is no dearth of applicants…what’s missing is the quality of those applicants.


The Interview Success Coaching Program is an intense 20 hour experiential learning workshop, spread across 6 days with a daily session of 3 hours. The course is designed & facilitated by an Interviewing Skills Trainer and Recruitment Coach.


What will be covered:


  • Resume review and re-designing

  • Understanding One's strengths 

  • Understanding Body Language

  • Power Dressing - Dressing for the Interview

  • Presentation 

  • Group Discussions

  • Understanding Job related Competencies

  • Understanding Behavior Event Interviews

  • Mock Interviews 


Who should attend:

  •  Students appearing for Competitive Exam Interviews

  • Freshers seeking their first jobs

  • Individuals who are in-between jobs

  • Working ladies who have taken a maternity break

  • Individuals who have taken a VRS

  • Individuals who have lost their jobs


 Why should one attend?

  •  Understand the mistakes that are inhibiting your interview success

  • Understand the Employer's perspective and present yourself accordingly

  • Understand how you can make small changes to have a big impact


Date : 24 Feb, 20 - 29 Feb, 20


Timings : 03:00 PM-06:00 PM DAILY

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