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My 27 years of work experience so far has taken me through various turning points, from starting off in space selling to executive search, volume hiring & managing human resources across tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 locations in India and Philippines. Along this journey, I have been an entrepreneur twice and I cherish the experiences I have had so far from straddling both worlds – the corporate and the entrepreneurial.


Being a certified Life Coach, a certified Predictive Index Analyst & a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping helps.

I believe in helping others grow and that they should become a better person because they shared some time with me. The training programs designed by me, are driven by this philosophy, whether it is a 7-year-old child that I am training a life-changing skill like visual thinking or mind-mapping or it is someone that I am coaching who is facing a mid-life crisis, or someone going through a job loss whom I help regain their confidence to get back on track. You see, I have been there and I have grown through that experience. 



Here are some programs that I conduct: 


Corporate Programs:

•    Interviewing Skills Workshop – Competency-based Interviewing

•    Sourcing Skills 2020 – Training the Sourcing team on Online and Offline sources

•    Visual Thinking with Mind Mapping – Creative Thinking Workshop

•    Facilitated Goal Setting – for Teams

Individual Programs:

•    Goal Setting Workshop – for Students, Professionals & Entrepreneurs


•    Mind Mapping Workshop for Kids & Parents – A unique program for learning together


•    Visual Thinking with Mind Mapping Workshop - for Students, Professionals & Entrepreneurs



•    Interview Success Coaching – for first-time job seekers, job seekers in between careers, for working women who have taken a break, for executives seeking expert mock interviews and feedback


•    One to One Goal Setting Sessions – for individuals who need personalized sessions 


•    One to One Tutoring Sessions – for individuals seeking to learn visual thinking and mind mapping


I do share my thoughts through my articles, which also include resources and how-to tips on the topics listed above and anything that can help you enhance your career. Should you wish to be added to these lists, please write to me with the subject line “Subscribe” and I will add you to the list.

(Our website may not always be its updated best version, so apologies on that in advance. Its work in progress and I hope to delete this bracketed statement soon)   

  • ThinkBuzan Mind Mapping Licensed Instructor

  • Certified Life Coach and Personal Mentor

  • Certified Predictive Index Analyst

  • Dale Carnegie 'Train The Trainer'

  • Edward de Bono 'Six Thinking Hats' trained

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